Survivorland follow’s the story of Masato, a lab tech turned zombie hunter. He emerges out from the chaos of a zombie outbreak in Tokyo.





Kimura Masato

Age: 32

Height: 183 cm

Occupation: Biomedical scientist, Laboratory Technician

The protagonist of the story. Masato was raised in Kanazawa-ku (Yokohama pref.) in a fishing town. He moved to Tokyo to to study and work, he still currently resides in the city. More brains than braun, this average hero quickly finds out that in a pinch, brute force isn’t as reliable as resourcefulness and know how.

Masato has a quiet and sensitive demeanour.




Age: unknown (most likely 2-3 years old)

Red is a shiba inu that finds Masato in between all the havoc. His real name is unknown, so Masato name’s him “Red” because of his red coat. It’s assumed that his former owner is no longer living.